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ISO Survey Results 2016

ISO Standards, Management Systems

International Organisation for Standardisation performs a ISO survey indicating the number of valid certificates to ISO management standards issued in a year. Certificates issued against standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc. are reported and recorded for each country at the end of every year.

ISO Survey 2016

This survey is conducted based on the information collected by ISO from independent certification bodies such as NSAI, SGS, Certification Europe, UKAS etc. ISO itself does not perform certifications. However, companies willing to get certified against the international standards can do so by contacting such accredited certification bodies.

Two new management system standards are added to the ISO survey this year, namely; ISO 39001:2012; Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems and ISO 28000:2007, Specification for security management systems for the supply chain. This brings the total of standards surveyed to 11.

A total of 164,3529 valid certificates (including the two new standards) were reported in the ISO survey 2016 compared to 1 520 368 the previous year, an increase of 8 %. However, number of certifications issued for ISO 28000 & ISO 39001 for 2016 have not been mentioned in the survey.

A summary of the ISO Survey 2016 results is shown below:

Standard Number of Certificates in 2015 Number of Certificates in 2016 Change in %
ISO 9001 1106356 1034180 +7%
ISO 14001 346189 319496 +8%
ISO 50001 20216 11985 +69%
ISO 27001 33290 27536 +21%
ISO 22000 32139 32061 0
ISO/TS 16949 67358 62944 +7%
ISO 13485 29585 26255 +13%
ISO 22301 3853 3133 +23%
ISO 20000-1 4537 2778 +63%
ISO 28000 356
ISO 39001 478
Total 1,644,357 1,520,368 +8%

The variations observed year to year in the ISO survey are due to various factors; such as:

  • A few certification bodies contribute to the survey one year but not the next. Hence, there is an inconsistent participation.
  • Every year new accredited certification bodies contribute to the survey as well.
  • The number of certificates reported each year by individual certification bodies can also vary from year to year.

Key Observations:

  • A total of 1,106,356 valid certificates reported for ISO 9001 (including 80,596 issued to the 2015 version); an increase of 7% on 2015 survey. As per 2016, China has the highest number of ISO 9001 certifications (350,631) followed by Italy at 150,143.
  • A total of 346,189 valid certificates reported for ISO 14001 (including 23,167 issued to the 2015 version); therefore, 8% increase on the previous survey. East Asia and Pacific have consistently had the highest number of ISO 14001 certifications since 2007 (189,505) followed by Europe (120,595) in 2016.
  • A total of 20,216 valid certificates reported for ISO 50001 for energy management (up 69% on last year). Also, 4537 valid certificates reported for ISO 20000-1 for Service management in information technology (up 63% on the last survey). Since ISO 50001 & ISO 20000-1 are both fairly new, a rapid increase has been observed particularly for these two standards.
  • The standard for information security; ISO/IEC 27001 has the same annual growth of 20% with 33,290 certificates globally. United Kingdom has 3367 ISO 27001 certifications followed by India that has 2902 ISO 27001 certifications as of December 2016.
  • ISO 13485 for medical devices and ISO/TS 16949 for the automotive sector are up by 13% and 7% respectively.

Furthermore, We can expect these numbers to increase over the next few months especially with the introduction of ISO 45001 later this year.

Let’s look at some findings from the survey regarding the two new standards included in 2016. ISO 39001 sets out the minimum requirements for a Road Traffic Safety Management System, Number of people injured or killed in road accidents are increasing each year therefore, governments and road authorities are willing to adopt this standard.

Top 5 countries to have the highest number of ISO 39001 certificates in 2016 are:
  1. Japan – 127
  2. United Kingdom – 92
  3. Spain – 49
  4. Italy – 38
  5. United Arab Emirates – 29

Top 5 industrial sectors for having ISO 39001 certification according to the survey are:

1 Information technology
2 Food products, beverages and tobacco
3 Electrical and optical equipment
4 Other Services
5 Financial intermediation, real estate, rental

International transportation and movement of products is a complex process that can face challenges such as threats to safety of the product, theft, smuggling, etc. Hence, the purpose of ISO 28000 is to secure the supply chain management process by identifying critical security aspects and manage risk appropriately and proactively.

Top 5 countries to have the highest number of ISO 28000 certificates in 2016 are:
  1. India – 425
  2. Japan – 299
  3. Spain – 231
  4. United States of America – 223
  5. United Kingdom – 197

Top 5 industrial sectors having ISO 28000 certification according to the survey are:

1 Construction
2 Other Services
3 Transport, storage and communication
4 Wholesale & retail trade; repairs of motor vehicles, motorcycles & personal & household goods
5 Basic metal & fabricated metal products





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