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Wishing you a Safe & Healthy Christmas!

Occupational Health & Safety

Christmas brings a sense of festivity and leisure. The holiday season offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy quality time with family and friends, celebrate life, give gratitude and reflect upon the important things in life.

It is also a time, however, that requires some assessment of the safety measures around the house and when travelling. Christmas can bring fire hazards, alcohol-related accidents, and food-related health issues.

Here are some tips on making the holidays safe and stress free.

Fire Safety
  • Most decorations are made of flammable materials. Put these up in a manner that minimises the risk of catching fire. The same goes for holiday cards, as a single card next to a candle can spell disaster.
  • Do not leave burning candles unattended in closed spaces and always put them out before leaving the house. Avoid candles around the Christmas trees.
  • The Christmas tree, with its drying needles, is another potential fire hazard. It is advised to purchase a non-shedding tree that is fresh. It should ideally be placed three feet away from sources of heat like radiators, candles, heat vents, lights and fireplaces.

Safety at Christmas

Kitchen Safety
  • Helping around the kitchen can mean too many people clustered in one place, so hot pots and pans, sharp knives and spills are some predictable accidents. It’s advisable to complete all Christmas cooking and store it away well before time to reduce panic. The kitchen should not be a place for gathering and any spills that happen should be cleaned immediately.
  • Keep scissors at hand at hand to open boxes and packages, instead of knives.
Child Safety
  • Children are the most excited lot during the holidays, which means that little people running around and into things is a very common occurrence. They do not always fully understand the potential dangers, and so need to be monitored always. Children suffer from accidental injuries during the holidays as they do not understand danger. Therefore, appropriate care should be taken to prevent accidents.
  • All toys should be checked for safety, and any packaging that comes with them should be stowed away. An effective way to check the quality of the toys is to look for the CE mark on the packaging, since it is the mark of a manufacturer’s declaration that the product has met the safety, health and environmental standards that are applicable to that product. 
Alcohol Related Safety
  • Drinking and driving occurrences tend to rise during the Christmas season. It is important to be aware of and remain within the legal alcohol limits or avoid alcohol altogether if driving.
General Health
  • Maintain good general hygiene
  • Dress appropriately for the cold weather
  • Avoid overeating and stay active
  • Ensure safe travel


To make the best of the holiday season, it is important to look after the well-being and safety of yourself as well as family and friends around you.







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