ISO 14001 – Assigning Responsibility and Authority

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Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities

In order for the environmental management system to be effective top management must empower its staff. It is important that personnel are assigned responsibility and that authority is delegated for the work that needs to be done.  When a person is assigned responsibility and authority for a particular role, that person must be made aware of what they are to be held responsible and accountable for, and conversely the limitations of their accountability and responsibility.

EMS roles and responsibilities within the organisation may change over time.  For example during the implementation of the EMS you may identify a need for to conduct a gap analysis to ISO 14001:2015 or to carry out an initial environmental review.  Once the EMS has been implemented and is up and running there is no benefit or need to conduct another initial environmental review.  There would also be no benefit conducting another gap analysis unless there is a change to the standard.

Below are some further examples of EMS responsibilities:

  • Establishing the business strategy for the EMS
  • Integrating EMS requirements into business processes
  • Identifying interested parties and their needs and expectations
  • Identifying internal and external issues that can affect the EMS
  • Developing the environmental policy
  • Monitoring the performance of the EMS
  • Developing EMS objectives
  • Ensuring compliance obligations are identified
  • Ensuring compliance obligations are met
  • Evaluating supplier environmental performance
Environmental management system , ISO 14001:2015
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