Pegasus Partners

Our partners ensure our global clients are supported in achieving and maintaining their ISO certification.

Pegasus Partners

Pegasus works with a set of partners globally to ensure registers are right for our clients. Harnessing local specialists across the world means Pegasus clients can anticipate the highest quality service, reflecting intimate knowledge of how legislation is practically implemented in each jurisdiction clients are based in.

Corporate Governance Advisory Services

By partnering with Pegasus, Corporate Governance Advisory Services are better able to support organisations with multi-country facilities that wish to easily track their status of legal compliance, as well as manage risks and strengthen their environment and occupational health and safety management systems. Pegasus’ ability to drill down to the local jurisdictional level is a key advantage compared to other internationally available tools we have received.

As a partner of Pegasus, Corporate Governance Advisory Services are well placed to support its users in the implementation of the Pegasus Legal Register and to provide expert post-implement support to drive organisational understanding of the information it delivers.

Ajay Sachdeva CPEA, AcSAP, Managing Director, Corporate Governance Advisory Services

denkstatt Group

denkstatt is a specialist in Central and Eastern European compliance. As the European Union grows, the integration of many eastern European states into the harmonised environment and health & safety legal system poses many challenges for multinationals that wish to establish operations in these states. denkstatt has developed a particular specialism in this area.

denkstatt began working with Pegasus several years ago. The Pegasus approach fits with our own philosophy on environment and health & safety legal compliance – which is detail orientated, but not at the expense of understanding. Pegasus has a flexible approach to incorporating the different legal systems of the world into a single platform, and is in my view one of the best solutions on the market for multijurisdictional companies seeking to comply with their ISO management system requirements, as well as really understand the EHS legal framework within which they operate.

Willibald Kaltenbrunner, Managing Partner, denkstatt


Switzerland is one of the most complex environmental and health and safety legislative environments in the world, reflecting both the country’s history and its proximity to the European Union. Collaborating with Pegasus has enabled Neosys to bring its expertise in this operating environment to bear with multinational entities that seek to understand the impact of Swiss Federal, Cantonal and municipal law on their operations. Fusing Neosys’s deep subject matter expertise with the Pegasus Legal Register’s international reach and user friendly approach to information delivery has resulted in a win-win situation for both our businesses.

Simon Kröni, Projektleiter, Neosys

SHE Legal

SHE Legal delivers legal registers in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on South Africa. Collaborating with the Pegasus Legal Register has enabled us to collectively expand our capabilities into new geographies, leveraging each other’s skills and knowledge to deliver first-class ISO legal registers to multinational clients. In our view, the Pegasus Legal Register approach is highly effective for multinational organisations seeking to establish, or improve, existing management systems across multiple jurisdictions.

Karli Mackintosh, Director, SHE Legal


Pegasus and SOSPrévention have a long running close collaboration, sharing one goal : total customer satisfaction. Pegasus delivers two of the key aspects of a best in class legal register: responsive and personalised.

From my own background in advanced manufacturing, I can honestly say Pegasus is the best solution I have experienced for multijurisdictional companies wishing to demonstrate compliance with both ISO standards and relevant legislation.

Marc Dubray, Dirigeant, SOSPrévention

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